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United Kingdom
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1980s Student Nurse.
1966 Auxiliary Nurse.
Vintage uniforms on show for International Nurses Day 2013.
Student Nurse 1962.
Student Nurse, Hillingdon Hospital, 1971.
Pupil Midwife, Ireland 1970s.
Prize winners, 1960s.
1970s Staff Nurse.
Students and Tutors, 1970s.
Nuffield Nurse, 1980s.
Gibralter 1960s.
Ireland 1970s.
AmDram Nurse, 2014.
Specialist Nurse, 2014.
Chief Nurse 2014, from Sarah.
1980s Student Nurses.
1960s Student Nurse.
1940s RN.
1940s Student Nurse.
1970s Student Nurse.
1950s RN.
1950s Student Nurse.
1960s Student Nurse.
1940s RN.
1942 RN.
1942 RN.
Dental Staff 2012.
Dental Staff 2013.
Dental Staff 2014.
Dental Staff 2014.
Dental Hygienists, 2013.
Dental Hygienists, 2014.
Dental Staff, 2013.
Dental Hygienists, 2013.
Hong Kong
TUNS 2012.
TUNS 2012.
TUNS 2013.
Practicum Students, 2012.
Student Nurse 2014.
RN and Student 2009.
Practicum Student and RN, 2012.
RNs 2013.
Sister and Staff Nurses 2013.