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United Kingdom
Student Nurse, 2010. From Sarah.
Marie Curie Nurse, 2011.
Staff Nurse, 2011.
District Nurse, 2011.
From the 2012 BBC TV series 'Call the Midwife'.
1990s advertising image.
Staff Nurse, 1950s.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Middlesex Hospital 1982, from Sarah.
Middlesex Hpspital 1984, from Sarah.
Student Nurses, Birmingham 1984. From Sarah.
Nurses protest, 1990s. From Sarah.
A very young Petula Clarke from the 1950s film 'White Coridoors'.
Shirley Eaton in 'Carry On Nurse', from Koen.
From 'Emergency Ward 10', 1967.
Student Nurse, 1968.
Student Nurse, 1970s.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Student Nurses, 1959.
Nurse Tutors, 1970s.
Candle Ceremony 1960s. From Sarah.
Candle Ceremony 1975.
Student Nurse, 1962.
Student Nurse 1980s.
Lemoir collection 2012.
THS net collection, 2012.
Veterinary Nurse, 2011.
Dental Hygienist, 2011.
Clinic staff, 2011.
Clnic staff, 2011.
Clinic staff, 2011.
Clinic staff, 2010.
Student nurses, 2008.
Dental nurses, 2010.