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United Kingdom
Harley Street Nurses, 2011.
Nurses Tug-o-war, 1970s.
Veterinary Nurse and friend, 2011.
Veterinary Nurses and friend, 2011.
Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton, 1968.
Staff Nurse, 1953.
Staff Nurse, 2011.
Nursing Auxiliary, 1977.
Student Nurse, 1960s.
Student Nurses, Royal London Hospital, 1980s.
Student Nurses, Royal London Hospital, 1980s.
Matron and Nurses, 1960s. From Sarah.
Wales, 1980s.
SRN St. Helier Hospital, 1943.
Student Nurse,  St Helier Hospital, 1943. From Sarah.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Student Nurse, Whipps Cross Hospital, 1980s.
Kate Jackson  from the 1970s TV series, 'The Rookies'.
Kate Jackson.
Kate Jackson.
Nurse Flynn from a stage production of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.
Student Nurse, 1964.
Student Nurse, 1964.
RNs, 1966.
Student Nurses, 1960s.
Student Nurses, 1976.
Student Nurse, 1986.
Dental Clinic Staff, 2011.
Student Nurses, 2010.
Capping, 2011.
Dental Assistant, 2011.
Dental Hygienist, 2009.
Clinc Staff, 2010.
Clinic Receptionists, 2010.
Hong Kong
Clinic Staff, 2011.
Dental Hygienists, 2011.
Registered Nurses, 2008.
Student Nurses, 2010.
Enrolled Nurses, 2010.
Practicum Students, 2010.
Student Nurses, 2010.
RN, 2010.
Ward Staff, 2009.
Student Nurse, 2010.