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United Kingdom
District Nurse, 1970s.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Whipps Cross Hospital, 1970s. From Sarah.
Deputy Matrons, 2009. From Sarah.
Veterinary Nurse, 20010.
Student Nurse, 1970s.
Nurse training, 1960s.
Brighton Hospital, 1980s.
Wales, 1960s.
Miners Leader Arthur Scargill and Nurses, 1974.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Class of 1977.
Student Nurses, 1980s.
Student Nurses, 1980s.
RN and Students, 1969.
Capping, 1950s.
Graduate Nurse, 1965.
Craduating Nurse, 1971.
China - Catalogue Scans
Hong Kong
RNs, 2010.
RNs, 2008.
Student Nurse, 2010.
Student Nurse, 2009.
Student Nurses, 2009.
Enrolled Nurse and Practicum Student, 2010.