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As is unsal at this time of the year, there's a festive feel to this month's page. A Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year to all.
                                                                              See you in 2010.

Bethnal Green Hospital, 1960s.
Middlesex Hospital, 1961.
Doncaster General Hospital, 1970s.
Papworth Hospital, 1963.
Scotland, 1980s.
Scotland, 1964.
Ireland, 1980s.
Grimsby, 1964.
Grimsby, 1964.
Henry Cooper and Nurses, 1960s.
Ireland, 1970s.
Ireland, 1980s.
Japan, 2008.
Japan, 2008.
Japan, 2008.
Australia, 1959.
Australia, 1930s.
USA, 1950s.
USA, 1960s.
Canada, 1949.