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United Kingdom
Student Nurse, Charing Cross Hospital 1990s, from Sarah.
Student Nurse, Leicester Royal Infirmary, 1960s.
Sister 1960s, from Phil.
Student Nurse, Guy's Hospital 1980s, from Sarah.
On the next couple of  pages we'll be looking back over the last 10 years and presenting some of my favourite pictures from the site. This month I'm concentrating on pictures from the UK and USA, I'll be dealing with the rest of the world next month. Thanks for your suggestions.
Lightweight uiform from John Maden, 2000.
Style D305 from Alexandra. Scanned from a 1990s catalogue and still made today.
Style CX5 from Hewat, 1980s.
Stylr 'Diane' from Premier Workwear.
Midwife, Staffordshire 1970s.
Student Nurse, Kings College Hospital, 1980s, from Sarah.
Staff Nurse, Bart's Hospital 1983, from Raff.198
Nuffield Hospitals Nurse, 1990s.
1980s 'Newcastle' uniform in green, from Penny.
1980s 'Newcastle' uniform in blue, from Penny.
Scotland, 1980s.
Staff Nurse, 1990s.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
Staff Nurse, Scotland 1960s.
The cast of TV's 'Emergency Ward 10', 1960s.
Student Nurse, 1970s.
Staff Nurse, 1970s.
A publicity shot from TV series 'The Royal', suggested by Koen.
1970s catalogue scan.
Graduating nurse, 2000s.
Student Nurse, 2000s.
Registered Nurse, 1970s.
Vidcap from 1970s TV series 'Emergency'.
registered Nurses, 1960s.
Student Nurses, 1990s.