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United Kingdom
National, 1990s.
National at St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton, 1980s
Nationals at St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton, 1980s
St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton, 1970s
Wales 1977.
Wales 1978.
Student Nurse, 1960s.
Staff Nurse, 1960s.
Staff Nurse, 2008.
Juliet Mills, publicity shot for 'Nurse on Wheels'.
Sally Gray from the 1946 film 'Green for Danger'.
Lynda Baron as Nurse Gladys from 'Open All Hours', from Steve.
Another scan of Nurse Gladys from Steve.
China - Catalogue Scans
Sister, 1940s
Sister, 1940s.
Historical uniforms at Auckland Hospital, 1960.
Student Nurses 1973, from Sarah.
Nursing Staff 1959.
Hong Kong
Registered Nurse, 2008.
Student Nurses, 1970s.
Student Nurses, 2009.
Student Nurses, 2009.
RN 2008.
RN and Doctor, 2008.
RN and friends, 2008.
RN and friend, 2009.
Student Nurses, 2009.
RNs, 2008.