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United Kingdom

The Royal Marsden Hospital, 1990s.
Staff Nurse from St. George's Hospital, Tooting, 1950s.
Scotland, 1950s.
Dulwich Hospital, 1949.
Student Nurse, 1957.
University College Hospital, 1973. From Sarah.
Staff Nurse, 2005.
Staff Nurse, 2008.
Wales, 1960s.
Student Nurse, 1961.
Sister, Pinderfields Hospital, 1950s.
Hong Kong

Belfast, 1969, from Sarah.
The Royal Devonshire Hospital, 1966.
RN and Student Nurse, 2008.
Practicum Students, 2008.
Practicum Student and RN, 2008.
Student Nurses, 1970s.
RN graduation, 1970s.
RN graduation, 1970s.
RNs, 2007.
Student Nurses, 2008.

Nurse Aoi, from a Japanese Soap.
2008 advert.
2008 advert.
Dental School advert.
Clinic staff, 2008.
Dental Staff, 2008.
Dental Hygienists, 2008.
Clinic Staff, 2008.

Publicity still from 1960s TV series 'The Nurses'.
Another still from 'The Nurses'.
Another still from 'The Nurses'.
Nurse Training 1970, from Sarah.
Musical Nurses, 1971.
Nurse Training, 1967.
Capping, 1960s.