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United Kingdom
Pupil Nurse, 1980s.
Sue Barton book cover, 1980s.
Another Sue Barton cover, 1980s.
Childrens' Nurse, Bart's Hospital, 1990s.
Student Nurse, 1950s.
Staff Nurse, 1950s.
Guy's Hospital, 1950s.
Joan Sims, publicity photo from Carry On |Nurse.
Ireland 1990s, from Paul.
Ireland, 1990s. From Paul.
Red Cross Nurses from several different orders at the annual Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes, 2007/2007. All pictures from Duncan.
Student Nurse, 2007.
Clinic staff, 2007.
Dental Clinic staff, 2007.
Clinic staff, 2007.
Clinic staff, 2007.
Trainee Dental Hygienists, 2006.
Hong Kong
RN, 2007.
RN, 2007.
RN, 2007.
RNs, 2006.
Practicum students, 2006.
Practicum students, 2006.
Student Nurses, 2007.