Bawdy 1970s Hospital Sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look, BBC 2008.     YouTube

Carry On Doctor. Selected clips.                                                                            YouTube

Carry On Again Doctor. Selected clips.                                                                  YouTube

Get Some In. Robert Lindsay with Judy Buxton. UK comedy series, early 1980s.   YouTube

Love Hospital. From Rutland Weekend Television, late 1970s.                                YouTube

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. BBC 1970s. Frank Spencer and a Hospital Trolley.  YouTube

Julie London. A musical tribute.                                                                               YouTube

Japanese Nurses. I think this is from a soap - draw your own conclusions...            YouTube

Nurse Ajax. Short film from the BBC, 2002.                                                            BBC

Nursing School. USA, 1960s.                                                                                 Photobucket

Angels.  A clip from Series 1, Episode 2, featuring Julie Dawn Cole                         YouTube

Casualty. Original titles and clips from 1986.                                                            BBC

Nurse Training in Australia. Memories of the 1980s.                                             YouTube

Sister Act. Philippino Student Nurses showing their musical side.                              YouTube

BUPA. TV advert, 1990s.                                                                                         YouTube

Dental Hygienist Channel (Japan).                                                                         YouTube

NHS at 60. Archive footage from the early days of the NHS.                                     BBC

1974 Appeal for the Queen's Nurses Institute.  (Thanks to Phil)                        Link

Day of the Triffids (1962). Howard Keel wakes up in hospital....                             YouTube    

The Best of Benny Hill. Two saucy clips from the 1970s.                                        YouTube

This is an Emergency. Public Information film from 1972.                                       YouTube

Families at War. A clip from Reeves and Mortimer's daft game show                       YouTube
from the 1990s. Mum's a nurse and is wearing a 'Newcastle'.

The Caring Profession. A 1971 clip from the Scottish Screen Archive.                     Link

PTMC for Women (Japan)                                                                                     YouTube                                                
Non-Slip Shoes - Japanese advert                                                                           YouTube
A Day in Hospital - A sketch from Victoria Wood's 'As Seen on TV'                      YouTube
from the 1980s. Two of the cast of 'Angels' feature as Nurses.

Hale and Pace - Spoof of  The Singing Detective' from 1988.                                  YouTube

Wellcome Film - A large collection of Public Health films from                                 YouTube
the 1930s to the present. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

Mary Lewis, Student Nurse - A 1961 example from the                                       Link
Wellcome Library.

Ladies in White - Pete Dowan's musical tribute to nurses everywhere.                     YouTube 

Not So Much A Training, More a Way of Life (New) - Royal London Hospital   YouTube
recruitmant film from 1967. There's already a page of screencaps here. Thanks to
Graham for the link.

Student Nurse (1945) - Pre-NHS recruitment film made to address the acute          BFI
shortage of nurses in Britain at the end of WW2.

Smoke Free Hong Kong - An RN gives advice on giving up smoking. In Chinese.  YouTube
                                                  Video Clips

A selection of themed clips from various sources, mail me if you have any you'd like me to add. Please be aware that I can't guarantee that these will be available, as they could be removed at any time. In the meantime, enjoy......