This photo was taken on the Queen's visit in 1976  to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guys Hospital. It's a good photo as it shows several generations of uniform. On the left the newly introduced 'national', one colour, but still using the old hat. The white uniforms were worn by allied health professionals, the colour of their belts determining who they were eg. OT or Physio. The dark blue was the Ward Sister uniform. The long uniform was an original matrons uniform. Only "head" nurses or 3rd years were allowed to form the guard of honour for the Queen that day  still wearing the fabric caps and strings as they were called. The rest of us had to look on! I was in last group to wear the old fabric uniform still with gathers at the back a hangover from the bustle. It was excellent as it gave you plenty of room to do the famous Aussie Lift up the bed. In the winter we wore the heavy black and red woollen capes.

The hats were something else! We took our first 3 months learning how to make them. They started off as a semi circle of starched fabric which you then had to gather up around a piece of cardboard, and make sure you had only 8 fluted bits and pleats at the back. If you got caught in the rain they just disintegrated and you had to start again. You only had 2 from the laundry each week so they were pretty precious! Kept on your head with bobby pins and the "strings" in your 3rd year were the same 2 pieces of starched fabric that you had to fold & join together, tied around the top of your head, secured with bobby pins before sitting your cap on top! Crazy now to think about it. The cardboard hats were brought in with the new uniforms after 1976. This photo below is of my group at the start of our training in September 1974.

                             Another photo of the Queens visit in 1976, she's entering  from the walkway after parking outside the front entrance. 

                                                                                      Hope these are of help and interest. 

                                                                                                Angela Webb

Memories of Guy's Hospital in the 1970s.

                               by Angela Webb
The uniforms were white with thin purple/lavender pinstripe and the collars were the plain lavender. The belts changed colour each year too going from fabric to pale lavender/purple then 3rd year was the strings on the hat and once you qualified you got to wear a dark purple belt with a wonderful silver buckle.